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You are unstoppable.

You are Unstoppable.

The Hindu God Ganesh is traditionally worshipped at the start of new endeavors. Perhaps it’s because he’s known as the remover and placer of obstacles. Ganesh has the body of a human with all the compassion of the human heart, a big round belly, and the head of an elephant. In his large head and third eye, he holds great wisdom with which to lovingly steer us in the right direction, even if that means placing inconvenient, or seemingly insurmountable challenges in our way.

I have found that often an obstacle feels the most heavy, overwhelming or impossible right before something shifts and we break through and overcome. In these times when we need a little extra faith to push through, we can call upon the wisdom of the Elephant to guide us.

Elephants, though gentle, are extremely powerful. Their massive feet keep a solid connection to earth. They move slowly and deliberately with focused intention. With that mindfulness of movement comes great strength and power. Elephants are unstoppable; as are we when we trust that one breath at a time we have the power to move through. The strength to walk one sure-footed step at time into the fire of challenge and transformation. To move beyond what’s holding us back and into a life of freedom.

Mantra to Ganesh to remove obstacles (or receive one you’re ready to work with):

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

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