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You are the keeper of your own flow.

When our lives change form and parts dissolve, we are left with a void of space and possibility. This new found space can feel scary because it is filled with the unknown. And often we are also feeling grief at the loss of what was. But as the saying goes, change is good.

Change allows for a renewed flow and for things that have become stagnant to get shaken up; for breath, prana, attention, and reconsideration of what's important to us to flow in and shed light on our most current and pressing truths. No longer just continuing with what has always been, change asks us to reevaluate and reaffirm that which we wish to have and cultivate in our lives.

When we grasp onto what was, we create a dam against the flow, and possibilities greater than we can imagine are blocked from coming in.

And so change asks us to surrender - again. Ishvara Pranidhana - surrender to the divine... to surrender to forces at play guiding us, even if we can't yet see what's next.

But - if we surrender too much to the point of apathy, or reject the thought that we have the power to co-create our reality, then the flow can come in and knock us over completely. All opportunities rushing by as we drown, lost, unmotivated, and undirected.

The flow is powerful - it is divine feminine at her greatest, like an ocean wave, she is the force of creation that emerges from the void. But without direction, her power cannot be harnessed. We need the clear and contained energy of the divine masculine to direct the flow in the ways that resonate with our deepest desires, truths, and inspirations.

Water takes the shape of the container that holds it. We are the keepers of our own flow. We can choose to step into uncertainty guided by our own staff of discernment and knowledge. We can step forward knowing that we deserve all that we desire and welcome the flow of what is coming our way with open arms that are ready to receive, unafraid and held by our ability to surrender the outcome to God.

So can we hold this paradox of clarifying and directing our desires and intentions while also surrendering to the flow of the divine plan?

It seems to me... we can offer up our prayer, clear and strong, and then bow and welcome the flow.

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