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About the Studio

I have been teaching the clarinet for over 18 years and playing the clarinet since I was 9 years old. In that time I have witnessed in myself and in my students the great joys and challenges of playing music, and have developed a path of study to learn the clarinet in an effective, thoughtful, and meaningful way.


My mission as a mentor is to learn about your musical curiosities and help you explore them, whether you aspire to become a professional musician, learn the clarinet as a hobby, or anything in between. 

I encourage consistent (age-appropriate) effort paired with smart, efficient practice techniques so that your progress on exercises, songs, and clarinet repertoire has a clear and purposeful path.

Our studio cultivates self-reflection, which means I foster independent learners by inviting you to listen constructively to your own playing, by helping you to set your own goals, and by reminding you to meet yourself kindly where you are at each day.

Beginner students get a strong foundation that can only come from individualized attention. Many of my school-aged students audition to become members of the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble, are regularly accepted into Maine's District and All-State festivals, and go on to major in music. Adult students enjoy high-level, experienced instruction.

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The Wind in Woodwind

Breathe well, play well! I have specialized skills from my certification as a yoga instructor in teaching bodily awareness and breathing. The foundation for all aspects of playing a wind instrument lies in understanding how your body uses your breath, so I love to work with students to explore optimal breathing techniques, posture, and relaxation.

Availability and Rates

Please contact me. I have different lesson packages available depending on the needs of each student that we can discuss during your free consultation.

The Why

To me, playing music is all about communication: with the audience, with the other musicians we are playing with, and with ourselves. Like any exercise of the body, a musician must practice exercises to strengthen their technique, but ultimately, it is essential for us keep in mind why we play music. Music creates good listeners and promotes collaboration. Music brings people together.

Interested? Here's how to begin:

1. Please read the FAQs and Studio Policies pages

2. Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute zoom consultation

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