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Taking Flight

What if who we are meant to be is infinitely bigger than we can even imagine? The ideas and identities that we adopt and carry put us into boxes. And we get a certain amount of comfort from organizing aspects of ourselves into categories, taking on certain roles on purpose because it’s who we’ve always been.

The thought of how infinitely powerful and full of possibility we are at our core can be too much for our small mind to comprehend.

These identities we adopt and can make us feel fenced in and not sure how to break out. We can get stuck in deep grooves of thinking – samskaras – that keep us bound to identities that no longer resonate with the deeper truths of who we are. And these fence posts can be buried DEEP in the ground. We may try to break down the fence with force, busting through, continually hitting our heads on the same points of resistance.

How can we expand our vision space to see all of the possibilities and paths to break free of what keeps us boxed in, and see a way other than straight through? This question is an initiation into the infinite vastness of the sky realms. When we choose the path of flight up and away from the comforts of the ground we gain a higher vantage point that expands our ability to see new paths, and we see that the fence is a lot smaller than we thought. When the heat of devoted practice is applied, energy rises up and what shackles us is left behind. Possibilities become infinite as our identity boundaries dissolve, no longer bound to the ground, we are free to move into who we have always known ourselves to be; free to realize dreams that at one time felt impossible. We are invited to remember that at our core we are pure potential for whatever we choose to become, and that each day is a new opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We remember that we are one with all that is.

What ideas about who you are are keeping you boxed in or weighted to the ground? If you could leave everything behind, who do you know yourself to be in the deepest realms of your heart?

Who are you really?

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