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The water element teaches us to adapt as things flow and change around us. Waves in the flow are inevitable. Waves do have some predictably to them, they are rhythmic, and like change itself, we can always count on another one coming in. But their beauty is also that each one is unique, special to the time of day, time of season, and the ripple effect of the other waves around.

When a wave comes at us; when we have an uprising in our life, we get to choose our course of reaction. If we stubbornly stand our ground guarded by ego and resistance to change, the wave will knock us down and pull us under. If we surf on top of the wave, we can ride and surrender to the change, be carried to unexpected places, lifted up to higher perspectives, and have fun. Chances are though, we will eventually fall in. But, if we dive and swim below the wave, we come to a place of depth beneath the fluctuations of the surface. There is a sweet stillness and quietness there that we hold deep within ourselves. A place that we know we can return to and be OK when a wave comes in, when we get unexpected news or even when simple things don’t go as planned. It comes from going in, and slipping under; a willingness dive into the dark.

However, if we always stay under the surface, we will never see the light of the sun. And so it becomes a dance of floating above and diving below. Learning from it all, and bowing to the uncontrollable power of the flow, divine Shakti at work, guiding us, serving us. 

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