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These Dreams

Astrologically speaking, we have entered the season of Pisces. Pisces archetype is that of the visionary, the healer, the dreamer.

In the archetypal waters of Pisces, we are asked to step into the Dreamtime to reflect, feel it all, cleanse it all and draw forth from the ocean of the collective unconscious the new dream that wants to be birthed. – Mystic Mamma

The beauty of our dreams is that they take us to a very real and imaginative part of our consciousness that the constructs of everyday waking life make challenging to reach. Perhaps you are someone with vivid dreams who remembers them easily, or someone who rarely recalls their dreams. Either way, can you call to mind a sense of the energy that your sleep consciousness holds? Do your dreams have recurring themes, images, or colors? What characteristics does your dream ego have that differ from your waking ego? Do you feel exploratory and free, or is your dream consciousness more introverted and concerned with feelings and experiences?

I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the word we use for sleep time adventures is the same word we use to describe big visions and hopes we have for our future – our dreams. In sleeping dreams, our reality is expanded and anything is possible – flying, shapeshifting, breaking beyond our boundaries. What if we brought this same “anything is possible” attitude into our waking life. What if we broke out of the container a bit to float around in a pool of possibilities. Our waking ego might respond with stories about how this or that is impossible. But radical evolution does not come from following rules or sticking to only whats been done before.

They say “seeing is believing.” But who is to say what we see with our eyes open in waking consciousness is any more real than what we see in dream consciousness or in the waking mind’s eye when using our in-sight. The Ajna chakra at the third eye holds the potent power to see and create. In this space we are limited only by what we choose to believe limits us.

Instead of seeking perfect clarity and a steady gaze, let’s take the invitation of Pisces to blur the lines a bit. Like opening your eyes underwater, what was once familiar takes on new forms, nebulous and in motion. Cleansing underwater currents make the things that we are ready to release become harder to grasp on to. There is wisdom to be found here, in letting go of the urge to assert clarity, meaning, and structure to all that we see and feel, and instead, softening, floating, and opening into what messages rise up and reveal themselves. It may be different than we we expected.

So my question for you is this: What dream of yours wants to be birthed? Can you let anything limiting your vision of this dream be cleansed away so you can truly see and believe your dream will come true?

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