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So now what?

There’s been so much talk over the last week or so about the specialness and power of the Full Moon Summer Solstice. A time when our deepest desires are illuminated by the year’s peak of light. We are told that we can create and manifest these desires by creating a clear vision for the future we’d like to see. So we’ve gotten clear. We’ve stated our desires out loud, written them down, told our friends. We’ve worked to cultivate the space within our lives to make room for these desires.

It’s empowering. To feel that we hold the ability to create our lives. But if you’re anything like me, you might reach a place where you think – OK, I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do to manifest. I know exactly what I want and I’m ready for it. So now what?

The missing piece is Surrender. A letting go of control. A agreement with the universe that you will do your part, and it will do the rest. A trust. A belief that you are being held by love and spirit and that everything that has happened to you up until now has been in the best interest of you finding your highest potential, spiritual or otherwise, and of you living the life you want to live, the life that you are meant to live.

This part is not so easy. We are a culture of doing and efforting. We like to see results, and quickly. But truly having faith asks us to believe with complete confidence in an outcome that we have no way of knowing in concrete terms. And so we must make a choice. A choice to trust with our whole hearts that we will receive what we desire.

There is a moment right before a bird takes flight where it looks where it wants to go, and then chooses with absolute confidence to soar, knowing full well that its feet are about to leave the ground. Many birds might flap their wings a few times to get going, but you’ll then see them with full wingspan spread, soaring and floating through the sky, as if it takes no effort at all. This is the balance of effort and ease. Choosing exactly where you want to go, seeing it with clear and unwavering vision, and then trusting that you have exactly what you need to get there. It shall be so. 

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