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I release you, with Love.

I release you, with Love.

We are shifting. We’ve been in a season of transition and the move into Autumn layers on even more change. Times of change require us to take inventory of what’s working in our lives and what isn’t. It is a time to check deep within, receive and hear our truth, reaffirm what in our lives is in alignment with this truth, and shed what isn’t.

There is comfort in the fact that the annual cycle of the earth is a predictable one. In Autumn, trees gather their energy into their core to prepare for the hibernation of the dark season of winter. This means that leaves come to the end of their life cycle, and gently fall away. As they no longer serve the current needs of the tree, they are softly released to the earth.

Times of letting go are often painful. We know we need to move on or away from something, but the heart holds on. There might be a fear of life without that person or thing, or a fear of feeling the grief or emptiness in the hole it leaves behind.

So we fortify and counter the fear by calling upon the fierceness of Kali Ma for help. We get strong and empowered and take out the swords to help us clear and cut away that which we know we need to let go of. Sometimes this fight is propelled by resentment if the path to moving on wasn’t an easy one. But we must remember that underneath the bloody fangs of Kali is the deepest, softest archetypal love of the Mother.

What if instead, like the trees, we chose Love? Coming from a place of honoring our highest self, we can choose to release what we need to release gently. Instead of digging deep and violently cutting out the roots of our demons, what if instead we simply opened our palm and allowed release to happen in its own time? The tree doesn’t release all of its leaves in one moment. It happens one by one – breath by breath – over the course of a season. Our demons, be they people, things, patterns and stories we hold about ourselves – our samskaras – when held in Love, transform into teachers. We start to see the light within their darkness, and it becomes a little easier to let go.

When in deep alignment with our center of truth, the excess simply falls away.

Mantra: I release you, with Love.

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