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We’ve been in a big time of transition and you don’t need any kind of magical powers to feel it. Perhaps its this time of year as many people transition back to school, or something particularly strong this year, but we seem to all be moving through change right now in some way or another. And we always are to some degree, but I’m seeing BIG stuff happening all around me. The Earth is angry. Old ways of being and thinking are coming crumbling down, like the tower card of the tarot– falling to pieces in order to make way for new and deeper expressions of our truth.

Times of change are full of choices. Tough choices around what to say goodbye to and what to welcome in. It’s a time to remember that we are ultimately in control of cultivating what we want to see in our lives and to tap deeply into our intuition to guide us and light the way.

Our intuitive voice is calm and steady; a consistent presence within us. No matter how we individually connect to it, it reveals itself through our going within. We close our eyes and then begin to see more clearly.

I recently came across the quote: “A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.” Our Intuition is persistent, but it does not always speak with the loudest voice. Fear and doubt tend to scream.

In times of transition, we need our power of discernment. With all of this swirling change globally and individually, we are being called to go inward and access our intuitive knowing and to use it to make choices that honor our highest selves; choices that feel right and honor our hearts’ truth. To discern what it is we want for ourselves and what it is we don’t want. This can be tricky if we are not used to putting our needs first. Sometimes that means quieting the opinionated voices of others. But with practice, our intuitive voice becomes more familiar and we learn to trust its navigating light.

This work we do to listen to our own hearts is reflected onto the heart of the world. When we choose to follow our own truth, the truth of the world is celebrated. Every choice is an opportunity.

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