I believe Yoga is a spiritual practice to remember innate sacredness within and all around. I recognize the 5,000+ year-old South Asian roots of Yoga and offer gratitude to the teachers who have transmitted these powerful teachings and commit to being an always-evolving student. As a teacher I invite practitioners into feeling and honoring the full spectrum of their human experiences, and to again and again return home. Read about my yoga story and education HERE.

Public Classes

Illumina Flow and Restorative Yoga

Original Goddess Workshops
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Original Goddess is a creative collaboration between myself and my dear friend and fellow yoga instructor Melissa Landers born from our combined studies and shared path within the Illumina Yoga philosophy. We create full spectrum experiences open to everyone and inspired by yoga that invite you to tap into your most primal knowing of the divine source and how it spirals in and out of your life as Shakti. We weave together movement, metaphor, mythology, mantra, music, and self reflection to create with you a yoga experience that takes you deep into the truth of your body and heart. 


To learn more about OG and our upcoming events visit OGORIGINALGODDESS.COM

Illumina Yoga Teacher Training
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Illumina Yoga is the heart of my training and the style in which I teach. I am honored to be on the teaching faculty of Illumina Yoga's 200 hr and 300 hr teacher trainings. 

Learn more about Illumina Yoga and see upcoming training dates HERE.

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