My Yoga Origin Story

Yoga is an invitation to enter into deep and loving relationship with all parts of ourselves. Within me, yoga has ignited a dance between inner exploration and outward expression, and serves as a path to remembering the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things. I began practicing yoga in 2009 in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar with Melora Gregory. With a strong foundation in asana alignment, I discovered vinyasa flow and fell in love with the way that the practice embodies the rising and falling, always-changing nature of life. From then on, yoga became my path inward and outward toward self-acceptance, expression, empowerment, and truth. In 2015 I completed my 200 hr teacher training through Sonic Yoga under the guidance of master teachers Johanna Bell and Kathleen Savoy, then in 2017 I completed Johanna's advanced Illumina Yoga 300 hr program: a deep dive into the full spectrum of practicing and teaching yoga, and an exploration of all that it means to be human. I am now honored to be on the teaching faculty of Illumina Yoga's trainings which have been deeply transformational in my life and remain so close to my heart. In my teaching, I value an open and welcoming space and encourage all practitioners to trust their body's intuition and embrace their own individual experience. My classes are rooted in Tantric philosophy - the understanding that there is an innate divinity in all things - and are designed creatively around a specific energetic theme. We'll weave together asana, dance-like moving metaphors and mudras, breath, mantra, mythology and archetypal energies, and music to explore the infinite wonder of nature and the depth of this human experience.

Trainings and Continuing Education, ERYT500
  • 200hr YTT - Sonic Yoga with Johanna Bell and Kathleen Savoy, 2015

  • 300hr YTT - Illumina Yoga with Johanna Bell, 2017

  • Movement in Stillness - Restorative Yoga TT with Margo Rosingana, 2017

  • Shiva Rea's Yoga Trance Dance TT with Jeffrey Duval, 2018

  • Applied Psychology for Yogis with Livia Cohen-Shapiro, 2019

  • Sri Dharma Mittra - Kripalu, 2019

  • Medicine Yoga - Johanna Bell, 2019

Notable influences from self-study: Sally Kempton, Shiva Rea, Judith Hanson Lasater, Lizzie Lasater, Melissa Landers

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