Forêt Endormie

Neo-classical chamber folk ensemble, more info here.

New 2020 release.

Middle Eastern Music

Ongoing individual and group study of Arabic and Turkish classical and folk music.

Zapion: Nathan Kolosko, oud; Sarah Mueller, violin; Maria Wagner, nay and clarinet

Zapion: Nathan Kolosko, oud; Sarah Mueller, violin; Eric LaPerna, percussion; Leon Harkleroad, accordion; Gary Witner, guitar; Maria Wagner nay and clarinet

Chamber Music / New Music

Martin Perry, piano

Live performance at the Portland Conservatory of Music's Contemporary Music Festival; March 11, 2010

Benjamin Heller, piano

Live performance in Corthell Hall at the University of Southern Maine; March 6, 2009

Swan Kirtan

Multi-faith devotional call and response chanting ensemble, more info here.

Robin Jellis, vocals; Ashok Nalamalapu, vocals and harmonium; Randy Lindsey, guitar; Josh Miller, percussion; and Gershone Hendelberg, piano